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Bob Rosner & Sherrie Campbell

The workplace911 team understands that there are critical moments, toxic spills, wrecks, explosions and just catastrophes in jobs, management and career launches. They are the expert team you want to call on-plus they are creating a community response network for you to give and receive workplace solutions.

Bob and Sherrie create a unique and entertaining dynamic “job doc” duo that goes beyond merely surviving your job to offering specific strategies for thriving at it. Get ready to laugh and learn.
What About Bob?

Bob Rosner

Work is more challenging and dynamic than ever. Best selling author Bob Rosner has his finger on the pulse of today’s workplace-he’s responded to over 50,000 emails from workers, bosses and entrepreneurs. He’s been called “Dilbert, with a solution” because he not only acknowledges cynicism at work, he offers counter-intuitive, yet proven, solutions to fix it.
As a respected observer of workplace issues, Bob has been featured in People, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Playboy and is a regular contributor to the Today Show along with appearances on NPR, 60 Minutes, CNBC, CNN, Fox, Good Morning America and others.

  • He is a best-selling business author; “The Boss’s Survival Guide,” reached #4 on Amazon’s sales ranking and was a Wall Street Journal business best-seller.
  • He’s addressed leading corporations and associations in Argentina, Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, the Philippines and across the U.S. for the last 25 years.
  • Bob has conducted over 500 unique work-related online surveys (example: How does your job and career feel? Like a hot air balloon, 14%. Like a ball and chain, 42%. Like the bunny hop, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, 44%.)
  • For the last eleven years he’s written the internationally syndicated column “Working Wounded: Advice That Adds Insight to Injury,” which appears in the LA Times,, Globe&, Metro New York and others.
  • Forbes selected Bob’s web site as Best of the Web.
  • He’s received a Sigma Delta Chi award for Journalism excellence and the Surgeon General’s Medallion from former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.
  • He has consulted with a wealth of Fortune 500 companies, founded four corporations, has an MBA and served as an adjunct professor to MBA students.

Here’s Sherrie!

Sherrie Campbell
Managing workplace issues and politics can be a job in itself. Sherrie Campbell is a business relations guru, having applied her counseling background in a variety of challenging organizational settings. She’s personally offered quick, intuitive yet humorous responses to critical work and family issues to over 30,000 people. She and Bob now co-author the weekly nationally syndicated column workplace911.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote, “Sherrie Campbell was a leader of leaders for America’s Promise. Her ability to structure and create community in local and state government, area schools, businesses and places of faith is unsurpassed.” She has been featured in or on Forbes, FOX, Oprah Radio, Microsoft Small Business Summit 2008, Editor and Publisher and various business or relationship venues.

  • She hosted her own state-wide PBS program, “Good News.”
  • She was also a state-wide systems administrator who served over 10,000 clients.
  • Companies including Microsoft and Raymond James have had Sherrie bring business insight.
  • Sherrie was Nickelodeon’s “Northwest’s Funniest Mom.”
  • She also knows how to survive the runway as a Ford fashion model and a well as a spokes-model for John Deere and others.

  • She has been an anger management consultant for the U.S. Basketball League.
  • Sherrie is a sought after speaker having spoken across the United States and in Trinidad, Grenada, St. George’s, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

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  1. Where do you get off posting libellous lies about Adam Ant entering a lookalike competition? See for the original story about Charlie Chaplin. How much credibility should we give to people who do not research and check their sources? Or those who are happy to spread malicious stories to make their point?

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