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The workplace911 team of Bob Rosner and Sherrie Campbell are available for keynote speaking engagements, conference presentations and expert interview. Contact

Bob and Sherrie create a unique and entertaining dynamic “job doc”duo that goes beyond merely surviving your job to offering specific strategies for thriving at it. Work is more challenging and dynamic than ever. Best selling author Bob Rosner has his finger on the pulse of today’s workplace—he’s responded to over 50,000 emails from workers, bosses and entrepreneurs. He’s been called “Dilbert, with a solution” because he not only acknowledges cynicism at work, he offers counter-intuitive, yet proved, solutions to fix it.

Managing workplace issues and politics can be a job in itself. Sherrie Campbell is a relationship and business professional, having applied her counseling background in a variety of challenging organizational settings. She’s personally offered quick, intuitive yet humorous responses to critical work and family issues to over 30,000 people. Get ready to laugh and learn.


4 Responses

  1. I’m a short individual, 5′ 4″. I recently got a new job. I having to deal with new kid verbal abuse. My verbal defence skills I feel are not the best . I’m trying to deal with it . Do you have any suggestions for help.

  2. Dear WW,

    My husband was recently required to visit his EAP. He called, but no one returned his call. Since I have an EAP at my work, I told him to contact mine. The problem: his boss wants him to use their EAP–not mine. Can my husband’s employer force him to go to their EAP instead of using mine? Wondering

  3. Bob and Sherrie,

    I am launching a startup, inner architect, with author Susan Hanshaw. Our mission is pioneering the frontier convergence of quantum physics and metaphysics. We address the paradigm shift in human development: thoughts and intentions provide the tools for individuals to create their desired results aka reality.

    We are beginning a corporate launch in February 2008. Throughout our market research and investigations we have found the need for employee “enrichment” due to corporate challenges such as recruitment, retention, communication in groups, work-life balance, purpose, company culture buy-in, and recognition to name a few.

    1. How do we best position and sell into corporations with a human capital product-services company?

    We have seminar and workshop trainings as well as individual coaching models set.

    2. My experience with HR and OD directors is that they are difficult to “get in front of ” in order to present. They are often too busy to listen. They have the key position in which I must sell my company services in order to do business.

    3. My “Silver Bullet” is the fact that I have been a marketing consultant with an extensive blogging background. I am positing the idea of bringing the power of blogging and our human development programs to HR Directors as a solution to their challenges.

    What is your opinion of the value this combination would have in the corporate world of HR ?

    Thanks Bob and Sherrie for any suggestions. I live in the San Francisco area so if you have any wants or needs that are regional to this area please let me know. I would do my best to help out.


    Dean Guadagni and Susan Hanshaw
    inner architect (blog)

  4. I REALLY like your site. I have seen a ton of job related blogs and yours is refreshingly informative. I will direct some of my visitors your way as a resource.


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